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Provides specialized wildlife Photography Tours through Moments of Magic

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An image should provide


Going through many styles I’ve been drawn more and more into wildlife and bird photography. To slowly become one with nature so that you can share and observe the subjects life without disturbing them is a wonderful feeling. I get rewarded with so much more than just the images I take with me!

An image can contain so much more than just a reflection of our surroundings. I strive to get passed the documentary aspect of photography, an image should provide feelings!

In my images I hope to be able to project the beauty of the nature that surrounds us and the living friends we share our world with. To get the observer to become one with the seen and get them to share the feeling I felt while experiencing these moments of magic in person.

This is what categorize a truly successful image!

I guide wildlife photography tours through

Moments of Magic

  • Photo opportunities in absolute top class - The chance for really good images are key. All tours are designed with the serious photographer in mind
  • Magical moments in Nature - Hiqh quality experiences on natures terms. Important that everyone bring home strong memories from magical meetings in addition to their images.
  • Professional coaching - Opportunity to grow as a photographer regardless of skill level. Coaching and guidance are given throughout the tours, based on the specific situations at hand.
  • Attractive price - The tours are defined to provide best possible photo opportunities to a reasonable price. Cost efficient choices for everything not affecting photo opportunity.
  • Personal without crowds - Small groups for personal atmosphere. Destinations and timing are chosen to avoid having to coincide with large amount of other photographers.
  • Travel with safety - Travel guarantee with kammarkollegiet for all our trips in accordance with Swedish regulations
I'm very honored to have become

Sony European Imaging Ambassador

I regularly hold workshops and presentations showing what you can achieve within the wildlife photography space.

Sony A1
- Sony A9 II
- Sony FE 400 2.8 GM OSS
- Sony FE 135 1.8 GM
- Sony FE 100-400 f4.5-5.6 GM OSS
- Sony 1.4 Teleconverter
- Modified Helios M44-2 58mm legacy lens
- Floating Hide from

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